still needing sponsors…

Golf Scramble PosterThis week I have been going out every day for a few hours continuing to ask local businesses and members of our community to help sponsor our Annual Lee County Recreational Center Golf Scramble Fundraiser.  For only $25 a sponsor sponsors one of the holes at our golf tournament.  We advertise the sponsor at the hole they sponsor, at the golf course club house, and do something for our sponsors in the local newspaper.  All of the money raised goes to help the Rec Center so that we can continue to do outreaches for the community like our upcoming Teen Lock-In.  Our next lock-in is held on the last day of  school to give our students the opportunity to have something positive to do besides going to some of the unwholesome end of school parties that are thrown.  More importantly it gives us the opportunity to share the Gospel with them!   A typical hour of bowling costs a bowler $7.  However, with fundraisers like our Golf Scramble, students only have to pay $5 for an entire night of bowling, cosmic bowling, karaoke, games and lots of prizes.  The Golf Scramble also helps us keep our fitness and bowling equipment up and running.  It is by far our largest annual fundraiser and so sponsorship and donations are vitally important.  So far the majority of those I have spoken too about sponsorship have been very supportive and we are off to a very good start, but we still have many sponsorships left to fill.  If you are interested in personally or as a business sponsoring holes at our tournament please contact me.  We would love to partner with you to be able to continue reaching our community.  Also, if you are a golfer and would like to play, come out and join us on May 11th.  If you are not a golfer from 12pm-2pm on the day of the tournament we will be having a cook out with hot dogs, polish sausage, hamburgers, homemade desserts, and much more!  I hope that you can join us in some way for this very important fundraiser!


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