final FCA club day of the year…

LOGO_3CLR_LGToday, I will be going to Lee County High School for the final club day of the school year.  Most of the time when our Fellowship of Christian Athletes huddles meet we do more of a discipleship based programs.  On Club day a lot of our students are ones that don’t come to the weekly huddles and we are able to do more of an evangelistic program and share the Gospel with them.  Please pray for our last club today that many students will attend and hear the Gospel.  We are also going to be encouraging our students who have committed their lives to Christ to pursue Him through daily prayer and Bible study this summer either for the first time in their lives or at a more committed level than they ever have.  Please pray for our students that they will pursue their relationship with Christ this summer, and pray fro me that I will communicate God’s word clearly to them!  I will post an update later today to let you know how things go.  Thanks so much for your prayers.


Thank you all so much for your prayers for today’s club at the high school.  We had a smaller turn out today and the majority were actually teens who have made a profession of faith.   So, I took the opportunity to really challenge them to make it a goal to grow in their relationship with Christ and impact their peers for Christ.   I shared with them that 64% of all people who accept Christ do it before the age of 18 and that same age group is most influenced by their peers.  So, based on this it is even more vital that they are being bold for Christ in word and deed with their peers.  Please pray for them that we will continue to be able to disciple and show the love of Christ to our students over the summer.  Pray that they will stay strong and pursue Christ daily!  Thank you so much!


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