mowing in full force…

the top of my burnt hand...

the top of my burnt hand…

On Saturday, I jumped full fledged into mowing our yard.   We have three acres of mowing here and so it takes me quite a while to get things done.  Being a person of pasty color who is also bald, before mowing I have to do a lot of skin protection.  So before mowing I made sure my arms and legs were protected as well as wore my ever classy/sexy bucket hat to protect my shiny head.  I ended up doing a combination of push and riding mowing for over 4.5 hours.  There was a half hour break that broke up the 4.5 hours where I couldn’t get my riding mower to work.  I went to get the battery tested and it turned out to be fine, so after I cleaned and tightened the cables it worked fine.

One of the things I enjoy about mowing is it’s actually a time of thinking, processing stuff, and just down time to listen to some music as well.  Over the course of my mowing I felt like I was able to get a good game plan together for this week at work.  I also enjoyed some time listening to go some Dwight Yoakum and some Garth Brooks!  Hopefully I didn’t scare my neighbors.

By the end of the end of the day my yard looked great and I had actually enjoyed all the hard work and though time I had.  The bad news is that while I tried to protect my skin from the sun, I made a big mistake.  I forgot to protect the back of my hands with sunscreen.  So therefore, my hands currently look like bright red boxing gloves!   Washing my hands is quite painful too…..but hey, at least my yard looks good!


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