my tinkerbell…

IMG_1896The fad that has invaded our house this week is that of Tinkerbell.  Erin gave Maeven a tutu, a pair of Dora the Explorer goggles, and fairy wings.  With that wild combination for the past four days Maeven has been watching Tinkerbell and running around the house in her costume saying she is Tinkerbell and she’s flying.  ImageMaeven also thinks her Dora goggles are glasses and most of the time an essential part of the Tinkerbell wardrobe.  She also thinks she looks like Mommy in her glasses, which thrills Erin….well not so much.  Poor Judah doesn’t know what to do when Tinkerbell comes running at him full steam and knocks him over.  I don’t know how long this new fad will last, but for now Tinkerbell is full of life and energy and is very entertaining to say the least!


2 thoughts on “my tinkerbell…

  1. Will has been watching those movies this week. He’ll turn to me and say Mama? Tinkerbell fun. He should meet yours!

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