mother’s day and a tired tinkerbell…

my tired Tinkerbell...

my tired Tinkerbell…

Our family had a very busy but fun Mother’s Day yesterday.   We enjoyed a great time speaking with our teens at church during Sunday School and worshiping in the main service.  From there we came home where Erin’s parents came over for a Mother’s Day cookout.  While we were getting dinner read, Maeven kept my in-laws entertained.  She put on her full Tinkerbell outfit, fairy wings, tutu, goggles, and a sun hat.   While we sat around the table talking after dinner we heard loud thumping.   It was Maeven jumping off the couch and saying “I fly, I fly!”  When Meme and PopPop got ready to leave we could see that she was fading.  I had to speak at a local church Sunday night to raise funds for FCA camp and before I left Maeven gave in and crashed big time on the couch.   I snuck out without waking her, but Erin said shortly after I left, Judah decided to keep poking his sister in the nose waking her into a 45 minute cry.  Finally, Erin got our tired Tinkerbell to sleep in her own bed.

We had a great time with Erin’s family and celebrating Erin and Cathy as great Mom’s.  I am truly thankful for the way Cathy raised Erin to be such a Godly wife and mom.  I am thankful everyday for the mother that Erin is and is becoming.  She truly loves our kids and views them as a blessing and ministry.  Maeven and Judah couldn’t have a better mother.   Tonight, we are celebrating mother’s day a day late with my mom, Dawn.  I am so thankful for all the love and prayer that my mom has poured into my life over the years and for the Godly example she has been to me!  I am truly blessed by these amazing Godly mothers!


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