2013 FCA Leadership Camp Fundraising Update for May 28th…

Relentless_rgbLots has happened since last week’s fundraising update.  This week God have us a couple of opportunities to share about FCA Leadership Camp and blessed us greatly towards reaching our fundraising goal.  On Sunday Morning, one of our students was able to share his testimony and tell about FCA Leadership camp at his home church.  We were so proud that Zack was willing to do this on his own without the other students there.  God used Him greatly and $350 towards going to camp was raised!  On Sunday night all of our Leadership team gathered at another area church to present about FCA Leadership Camp.  Three students shared their testimonies and one sang.  I was able to share about the impact FCA is having on our local school system and how FCA Leadership Camp is training our students to be bold leaders for Christ.   God used the students and over $200 more was raised towards our goal of $2,000 towards camp expenses.  Thanks to all the gifts that have came in so far and the way God has blessed we only need $900 more to pay all student and chaperones camp expenses and fuel for the trip.  If you are interested in our students coming to share with your church, please contact me as soon as possible and we would be happy to share with you.  Also, if you feel God leading you to partner with us financially we would greatly appreciate it.  We are over half way to our goal and would love to have you partner with us and get us the rest of the way there.  And as always we covet your prayers.  Thanks so much and I will update you again next week!


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