be careful what you wish for…

missed having this great family w/ me tonight...

missed having this great family w/ me tonight…

Last night was a quiet night in the Owens homestead….and I never thought I would say it, but it was a little too quiet.  Erin and the kids had a long day out and stayed with her parents in Winchester, KY, leaving me all to myself here at home.  I am preparing to speak at a church youth retreat this weekend and so I thought a little peace and quiet would be a great thing as I would have plenty of time to get my devotion put together.  So, as I settled in for a fun night of writing, the sounds of silence became deafening.   Every time I would try to right something, a distraction would pop up or my mind would wander a thousand other places.   I finally dug in and got about half of my presentation/devotion completed.  As the night crept on, I couldn’t help but think about how I truly missed the chaos and noise that usually takes ups at least half of our nights at home.  I missed the time of talking with my wife after kids go to sleep and just having my best friend with me.   Thank goodness they will be home tonight!  And thank God for such an awesome family that I have been blessed with!


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