presentation tomorrow…prayer needed

Photo on 5-31-13 at 1.29 PMOver the past couple of years of blogging, I have shared on a couple of occasions how I have to occasionally speak to churches and various other groups.  Whenever I am speaking about the ministry I serve with here in Southeastern Kentucky or about my family, or things of that nature I do great and could talk forever.  However, when it comes to putting together a devotion or sermon, I am a nervous wreck.  I think part of it has to do with just the great responsibility that comes with handling the Word of God properly and well.  Whenever, I am teaching or preaching from the Bible I want to communicate clear easy to understand truth about the love of Christ to whomever I am talking to.   And so as I prepare to do that I get really nervous about it and wanting to do well.  I know that God’s in complete control and I am just a vessel that He has chosen to use for the moment.  It’s His words and truth coming through me.

So, here I sit, preparing for another speaking engagement at a church retreat tomorrow.  I am sharing about our ministry with KMM and then talking about service and being a servant.  Please pray for me throughout the day and night today and about 8:30 Saturday morning if you think of it.  I know God can use me and pray that I will be calm and clear communicator of His truth…


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