2013 FCA Leadership Camp Fundraising Update for June 4th…

relentless-ppt-frontGod has continued to bless this past week with our fundraising efforts for FCA Leadership Camp.  We had a couple more donations come in this week and received a promise of some more money from one the churches we visited.  With the donations that have come in so far we have enough money raised to pay everyone’s way to camp!!!!  God has truly been good in providing these much needed funds and we are so very thankful.

While we do have enough money to cover the cost of everyone’s camp fees we are still trying to raise about $200 more for travel expenses, mainly fuel.  We have no doubt with the way God has provided the other funds that He will continue to provide for these last needed funds.  Please keep us in your prayers as we seek to raise this money over the next month, and most importantly be praying for our students as we have Bible studies.  We want to see them continue to grow in their relationship with Christ and be ready for all the training they will take in at Leadership Camp.   Thanks for your prayers and if you would like to partner with us financially please feel free to contact me!


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