he found me…

IMG_2046Yesterday, at church we went about our normal routine of arrival where we take the kids to their classes.  Maeven goes into the toddler class and Judah heads into the nursery.   From there, Erin and I go to teach the teen Sunday school class and then into the main service. Most Sundays we pick up the kids after the morning service and see what all they have done, how they have behaved, and get excited to see our kids come running to us.

This week Judah, was missing his mom and dad and so Erin, got him out of the nursery after Sunday school so that he could spend some time with her in the sanctuary and calm down before heading back to the nursery.  Before the service started I was standing at the front of the sanctuary talking with some friends.  One of the guy’s I was with smiled and said, “there he is!”  I then heard a giggle and turned around to see Judah smiling at me and laughing with excitement.  I held out my arms and he toddled as fast as he possibly could into my arms and gave me a big hug.

Evidently, Erin had gotten him calm and set him down on the floor to walk.  Little did she know Judah had spied me in the front, and when she set him down off he went to find me.  And I have got to tell you there is nothing better than turning around and seeing that smiley little curly boy running to me!


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