90 Day Body by Vi Challenge Update – Week 2

bodybyviAnother week has passed in my current 90 Day Body by Vi Challenge and I am happy again to report that I have done well at sticking to the challenge.  I have lost another 2 lbs this week bringing me to a total of 6 lbs lost in just two weeks!   I am definitely feeling better and can tell my stomach is shrinking as I don’t feel like I can eat nearly as much as I used to.   I am also happy to report that I was able to find one other person to join me in a 90 Day Challenge and who is giving Visalus products a try for the very first time!  Knowing someone else is doing the challenge with me has also given me more motivation to keep on being dedicated and to really get this weight off.   If you would like to join me and start working towards a healthier you, please contact me today.  I would love to tell you all about the many products you can get through Visalus to help you be a healthier you!   Also check out http://www.aowens23.myvi.net

I can’t wait to report more progress to you next week!


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