epoch awards nomination…


KMM Missionary Scott Brandenburg speaking to teens at the spring lock-in outreach at The Lee County Recreational Center

A few weeks ago, nominated my fellow Kentucky Mountain Mission missionary, Scott Brandenburg for an Unsung Heroes, Epoch Award as an unsung hero of ministry.  I recently received an email saying that Scott has been accepted as a nominee and is now listed as an official nominee on their website.  If Scott wins this award, not only will he be recognized by Dave Ramsey and the Epoch Awards, but he could also possibly receive up to $50,000 towards the new Youth Haven Bible Camp chapel which is being built in memory of Scott’s daughter  Julia, who passed away from brain cancer last year.  If you have a moment please go check out http://www.epochawards.com .  Nomination SquareThere you will find out lots of information about the Epoch Awards and also where Scott Brandenburg is nominated.  Please feel free to contact them and let them know if Scott and Amy have impacted in your life for Christ in any way, or how you have seen God use them in the lives of others.   Help us get the word out about Scott and the YHBC Chapel project.   Tell others to go to the website!   Thanks so much for all your help!


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