first swim of the season…

This weekend, my family and I went to Ohio to share with a new church about our ministry with KMM.   We had a great time fellowshipping and sharing with this new group of people and really feel blessed for the opportunity we had.

Going out of town for the night I wanted to do something special for our family, so I got us a hotel room where they had an indoor pool.  God has definitely blessed Erin and I with two little ones that love the water and so I loved the opportunity to swim with them.  Judah is a bit more apprehensive, but likes to be held and pulled around in the water.  Maeven on the other hand has no fear and want to jump of the edge of the pool or the pool steps and have me grab her.  The problem is she likes to jump out to areas where Daddy is not yet there, and then I have to scramble to grab her before she goes to far under.   To hear both the kids giggling and having so much fun was great.  I am looking forward to lots more pool time as the summer progresses!


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