90 Day Body By Vi Challenge Update – Week 3

Blog-Transformation-Kit-Are-you-up-for-the-ChallengeAnother week has passed in my 90 Day Challenge and this week was definitely a tough one.  Over the weekend my family and I travelled to Ohio where I shared with a church about KMM ministries and our role here with KMM.   The problem with travel and staying in a hotel is while very relaxing and a nice change of pace, it’s pretty much impossible to keep up with the Vi-Shakes.  That being said, I really had to monitor what I took in on my, My Fitness Pal app to make sure I wasn’t totally destroying all I had worked so hard to accomplish on my 90 Day Challenge thus far.   Thankfully , I stood strong for the most part and am happy to report to you that I am another 2 lbs down this week, for a grand total of 8 lbs. lost in 3 weeks!   I am continuing to feel a difference as the weight is dropping both in how I feel and look.  I also am continuing to notice a difference in how much I am able to eat.  One of my weaknesses has always been eating a big bowl of popcorn in the evening.   Finishing off that bowl is usually not a problem.  Last night, however, I hadn’t eaten much all day, but I could barely eat half a bowl of popcorn.  Yeah Progress!!!

I would like to once again invite you to join me on my weight-loss journey to healthiness.  I implore you not to keep waiting to start watching what you eat and dropping those pesky lbs.  Join me today and lets start being a healthier us right away!


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