our new addition…


Maeven and her Lolo

Yesterday, our family welcomed the newest addition to our family into our home, Lolo.  Lolo is a very cute little black and white mini-schnauzer that looks very much like our beloved Nixie.   Maeven is already in love with her and claimed her “Wolo” as her very own.  While adding another puppy to the family seems crazy to some people we have really enjoyed raising schnoodle puppies the past couple of years.  It has given my wife, a project that she really enjoys that can raise some extra money for the family.  It’s also been a great thing for Erin and Maeven and Erin’s mom to enjoy doing together.   So hopefully will Lolo not only be another great family member, but also a good member of our little family business.  If nothing else, seeing Maeven play with and love on her “Wolo” is totally worth it!


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