a trip to the zoo…

IMG_1307This week our family is taking a bit vacation/staycation, so if I am a little slow about posting this week I do apologize.  That being said, today our family took our one mini-trip away from home yesterday and went to the Cincinnati Zoo with my in-laws.  Erin and I had taken Maeven to the zoo before, but she was so little she really didn’t have much of a reaction to the animals.  It was so awesome to take her today and see her get such joy from seeing the animals.

Maeven enjoying her first 3D movie!

Maeven enjoying her first 3D movie!

At the zoo Maeven wore a pink outfit that had little alligators on it.  So when her jaw dropped because she saw a real alligator we couldn’t help but smile.  All day though we heard how she wanted to see monkeys.  Sometimes when you get her on rides like the zoo carousel she might cry when you tell her its time to get off.  When I told her we were going to go see monkeys, not only did she hop right off the carousel, but she looked at me and said, “Daddy, I love monkeys!”

Judah was pretty tired after our week at FCA Leadership Camp and so he did

Judah is wiped out!

Judah is wiped out!

lots of sleeping in his stroller today.  However, he did wake up enough to ride the train and loved standing by his mommy while going around the track!

One of the cool things we got to do as a family at the Zoo was the Ice Age 4D experience.  It’s a 3D theatre where they show an Ice Age mini movie and not only is it in 3D but water sprays at you, scents come at you, your seat shakes, you get poked in the back, and it feels like stuff is crawling around your ankles.  Judah got a little scared, but Maeven absolutely loved it!

Overall we had a great day and some much needed family time.  We were also blessed to have a great day with my in-laws as well.  Now, if we can recover over the next few days from our whirlwind week of travel we will be in good shape!


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