I fought the yard and the yard won…

IMG_2086For the past two weeks the rain has been steady around here.  I believe I have even seen some neighbors making preparations to build an ark or two.  On Monday though, we finally had a break in the rain and so I thought if things looked a little dryer at home I might try to get some of the yard mowed after work.  After a quick survey of the yard for the most part it looked safe enough to mow, so off I went to brave the yard.  Unfortunately an easy night of mowing was not to be.

I fired up my riding mower and started off and things looked to be ok.  About 45 minutes into my mowing, my problems began.  Out of nowhere my mower died on me in the middle of the field adjacent to our house.  I let it sit for a few minutes and it fired back up.  I made it about 200 feet when there was a loud clunking noise and it died for good.  As discouraging as this was and still is, I formed a plan in my mind that I was about to go into action.

As I have shared before, I am in the middle of my 90 Day Body by Vi weight-loss challenge. So with the loss of my rider tonight, I thought I would work on my challenge by attempting to push mow our field.  Once the push mower was fueled up and my earphones were ready to go, I set out to get my yard mowed and some pounds worked off.  My mind was willing, but after about 45 minutes in the sweltering humidity my body  was not able.  The yard had won, I was a beaten man, and for a bit I thought my wife was going to find me laying in the middle of the yard passed out from heat exhaustion.  I had pushed mowed about half our field in a valiant effort, but just physically could do no more.

Thankfully my father came to my rescue and brought his big zero turn mower  and finished the yard for before rain returns today.  What takes me 3 hours to do, his mower can knock it out in less than 1/3 of that time.  He was truly a blessing and I am very very thankful for his help/rescue!

Now, I am just left with trying to figure out how to get my riding mower ready for the next yard battle.  Hopefully, it’s a battle that can be won quickly and inexpensively!


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