collecting codes for roller coasters…

Bottle_with_Soda clip artA couple of weeks ago I was able to finally get Erin and I tickets to go to Kings Island amusement park later this summer.  The awesome things about procuring these tickets was that it cost me absolutely nothing, we are getting our admission for free.  For the past year I have been collecting My Coke Rewards codes on the back of boxes of Coke products.  Whether getting box tops from friends or getting the ones from the camp store I have been able to to collect quite a few.  If you haven’t ever tried, I encourage you to give it a look.  If you are thrifty and want fun things to do there are lots of great prizes that you can save your codes for.  In our case we chose to save almost $100 on a fun date day for us at Kings Island, but there are many more parks, prizes and destinations to choose from.  If you drink any Coca-Cola products, don’t throw those  codes away!


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