Daddy’s daredevil…

ImageMy little girl has no fear.  This is a realization that has hit me pretty good over the past couple of weeks.  Maeven has thoroughly enjoyed being out and about this summer enjoying all that growing up at a camp has to offer.   She is a social butterfly who thrives on her time around other kids.  This I can appreciate and am very glad of.  Her riskier side scares me a bit.

Over the past couple of weeks, one of her favorite things to do is to ride the horses at camp.  The other morning when I told her she was going to camp to ride horses, I also asked her which horse was her favorite.  With out a second though she looked at me and said, “I ride the big one, Daddy!”  Sure enough, later that afternoon my wife Erin informed me that she rode the biggest horses camp had to offer all by herself with no fear.  I am really glad she loves animals and especially horses, so riding the “Big Horse” doesn’t scare me to much either.

The part that scares me is her no fear around water.  Maeven absolutely loves the water.  She would stay at the pool all day everyday if we would let her do so.  She can’t swim yet, but is making progress with her safety vest.  It’s a little vest that has floats on the arms and has a big float that runs across her chest and snaps in the back.  The way this is made she has to paddle around in a normal swimming motion and in theory she should be better able to swim without it eventually.  With her vest on she is invincible.  Maeven will jump right in the pool so quick that you put on her vest before she gets in the pool area, because she is going in right away.  And when she jumps in, it’s not from the shallow kiddie side of the pool.  Nope, she loves to jump it from the big kid deep end.

On Saturday, our family all went swimming.  She kept following around telling me she wanted to jump higher into the pool.  So finally in the shallow end of the pool, I started tossing her into the air and into the deep end of the pool.  Maeven absolutely loved it.  A couple of times, I thought I had thrown her too high and after a belly flop I would swim right to her to see if she was ok.  Maeven would immediately respond with, “Daddy!  Higher!  Higher Daddy!”   For the better part of an hour I would toss her high into the air and then she would swim back to me.  It was truly a great memory together.

I am definitely keeping an eye on Maeven to make sure her risk taking doesn’t get her into trouble, but at the same time it’s so awesome to be blessed with a little girl who loves exploring life soooo much!


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