nonsense baby german conversations…

IMG_2197Yesterday, I shared with you all about my daughter Maeven and so today I thought I would share a little about my baby boy Judah.  Judah is definitely his momma’s boy.  No one rates higher in his eyes, me included, than his momma.  That being said, we do have some pretty sweet moments together.  And most of the time its when he is talking baby gibberish.  The thing is that when Judah talks gibberish, in his little voice it sounds like some weird form of German with a few English words thrown in here and there.  Most frequently this little baby germanic conversation comes out when he is pretending to talk on the phone.   He grabs whatever he thinks  is his phone at that time and answers, “HI!” and then goes on in some nonsensical talk.  Most often these conversations happen when we are traveling in the van.  I will hear him speaking only to look back and find him leaning against his hand in the carseat having a mini conversation.  At that point I usually say “Judah!” really loud and he’ll giggle and answer back with “DahDah!”  This goes back and forth for awhile before he starts back to his baby german and tells me some big tale.  While Judah may be momma’s boy, he definitely loves his long conversations with “DahDah!”


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