yard sale perseverance…

YardSale1July has a battle of perseverance as we have been plugging away at having a yard sale to raise some funds for a trip that Erin and the kids are going on in August.  The problem with this battle has been that weather has not been a cooperating participant in the struggle to have a sale.

This past friday we loaded up all our stuff and headed to Winchester, KY to Erin’s parents house to attempt yard sale #2.  On Friday the weather was beautiful and we worked well into the evening setting up for Saturday’s sale.  Then on Saturday morning we awoke bright and early to get ready to greet the masses that were surely to come to buy all our stuff.  Yet, when we walked outside there was a slow drizzle coming down, which eventually became a steady rain that lasted most of the morning.  We managed to sell a couple of things before the rain made us close up shop about mid morning.   We had the same thing happen when we tried a local yard sale on the July 4th weekend, so it was pretty disheartening.

We are not ones to give up though and so this coming Saturday, we will be giving a Winchester yard sale another try.  The bad news is rain is once again in the forecast….but hey, isn’t the third time the charm???


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