Maeven the fire girl…


Maeven and Grumpie..

Every summer during the two week that Youth Haven Bible Camp has for special needs kids, one of the main highlights is fire truck rides for all the campers.  During this week’s rides I took my daughter Maeven for her first ride on the fire truck.  She was thrilled to find out that her Grumpie (my dad William) was driving one of the fire trucks.  The only thing more exciting was that she was going to be able to ride right next to Grumpie in the front of the fire truck!

The fire truck that my dad was driving is an old American LaFrance convertible

Maeven talking into the cb radio...

Maeven talking into the cb radio…

that is used for giving kids rides.  Unfortunately the siren and speakers no longer work on it so Maeven didn’t get to play with them.  However, she was thrilled that Grumpie let her hold the old cb radio and pretend like she was talking into it.  I don’t know who she was talking to but she was thrilled to be giving out fire commands.

Everyday I realize that I am seeing all kinds of firsts in the lives of my kids.  And while riding the fire trucks the other night, I was glad to watch Maeven enjoying this first and sharing it with her Grumpie.  I am truly blessed to have such a happy and sweet baby girl!


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