stir crazy…

crazy face

how I feel w/ out the fam…

As I sit here writing this blog post, they haven’t even been gone a full day.  There are still dirty diapers buried deep in the trash can and sippy cups left for me to clean.  The major difference is once again the sound of silence here in my home.  Erin and the kids have gone off to PA with their Meme to visit Erin’s brother and his family.  Sooo….here I am with the dogs chilling at home.  I am making some progress on getting some cleaning and reading done.  I have thus far refrained from doing the Old Time Rock N’ Roll athletic slide across the floors with some amazing air guitar to follow.  I have however, reverted back into my bachelor days and had a healthy dinner of Dr. Pepper and a Totinos Party Pizza.  I must say that the memories of that meal tasted much better than the meal itself.   I have until Sunday to make it through bad meals and lots of silence.  I have to be strong and persevere, but I am already looking forward Sunday afternoon when I get to see those three smiling faces that I love so much…


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