a sick little snuggler…

snuggling w/ my sick boy...

snuggling w/ my sick boy…

On Monday morning Erin and I awoke to a pitiful sight.  Instead of normally finding a cute little curly headed smiley face standing in a crib ready to get out and go, we found a feverish little boy still laying on his stomach.  Erin pulled him out of bed and found out he had a really high temperature.  A couple of hours later at the pediatrician he still had a 102.5 temperature and we found out he just had a virus.   Basically some basic meds and rest were the best things for our sick little boy.

Even though I hate to see Judah sick, there is one perk of when he is feeling down.  My little go getter who has become quite the momma’s boy, in times of sickness likes to snuggle up with his dad.  So last night we snuggled up on the couch, laughing as he snuggled and played Bigfoot on my phone.  He would occasionally snuggle close, get a sheepish little sneaky grin honk my nose and then laugh before giving me a big hug/kiss.  I hate to see Judah sick and I hope he feels better today, but last night was pretty sweet snuggling up with my little guy.


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