going to the doctor…

Dr. Maeven...

Dr. Maeven…

Last week, Judah was under the weather and had to make a trip to the doctor.  There were a couple of more times throughout the week that we thought another trip back might happen.  During conversations of Erin and I talking about going to the doctor, Maeven got the whole doctor thing in her little head and kept talking about the doctor and how she needed to go too.  On Friday, Erin went out to visit a friend in West Virginia and on her way home stopped by Target where she found Maeven a doctor’s kit.  Since Friday night, we have had more “doctor” appointments than we can count.  Maeven grins and laughs as she check our heart beat, blood pressure, ears, temperature, and her favorite part is by far giving us shots.  To be honest, I always feel a little more beat up after my appointment than before.   She definitely is having a blast treating her parents and welcomes any new patients she can get!  I just pray that I survive…


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