thrilled out…

rollercoaser sickI sat down in the seat worn out from the day’s adventures.  Slowly I pulled the seat restraint across my lap and braced my self for the last ride of the day.  As we took off, little did I know that this would be the most relaxed that I had felt all day.  It was a smooth ride that left me feeling relaxed even though there were some exciting turns.   Yes,  I’m talking about the ride home from Kings Island and the driver’s seat of my mini-van!

On Monday, Erin and I took a day date to Kings Island.  Over the past year I had saved enough My Coke Rewards points to get us each a free pass into the park.  It was great to have some time alone to just talk and enjoy doing something fun away from home on our own.  We rode several rides at the park and really did have a good time doing so, but quickly realized that we have aged significantly since the days of our youth when we could ride thrill ride after thrill ride.  Our first ride of the day was the Diamondback roller coaster and Erin felt like she was going to fly out of it the whole time.  I actually did quite well on it, but after several more coasters my stomach was shot.  Even though our time together was great, we had become weak in our old age.

While, I don’t think my roller coaster days are completely over, I do feel like the speed at which I can recover has really slowed.  Erin told me that I will definitely have to be the one to ride with our kids when they get old enough for the big rides!  Once again the best art of my day, besides the ride home, was just a great day with Erin.  Getting to catch up and just enjoy each other’s company was great.  God has truly blessed me with a wonderful wife and I can’t wait to have many more thrilling days with her!


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