getting prepped for FCA huddles…

relentless-ppt-frontWednesday afternoon was a slow paced afternoon at the Rec Center.  It’s always better to be busy and have lots of people coming into bowl, work out, and/or eat.  That being said, I was able to get busy making flyers and doing some prep work for our FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes) Huddles that start back the first week of September at Lee County High and Middle Schools. As this year approaches I am convinced that God is really going to use our students to impact our schools in a major way this year.  Please be praying for Erin and I as we work to prepare to challenge our students to be Relentless in their pursuit of Christ and Relentless in sharing Him with their classmates, teachers, and family.  Pray that students will make the decision to get to school a bit early in order to fellowship with other Christian students and to bring their non-Christian friends in to hear the Gospel.  Pray that parents will see the impact that FCA can and is making in their students lives and that they will be supportive in making sure their students participate.  Pray that our students will get along this year and focus more on what they have in common in Christ and not be divided into cliques.  Finally, pray for me that I will reflect Christ to our students in both word and deed and be a leader that draws them closer to Christ.  Thank you so much for your faithfulness in praying for our FCA Huddles!


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