huddling up at the middle school..

relentless-ppt-frontThis morning I am heading to Lee County Middle School to kick off our weekly huddles for the new school year.  Over 20 middle school students came to the middle school’s FCA Club during their club day last week.  We are praying those students and many more will come out tomorrow morning and join us for the start of weekly huddles.  These student are going to be our future FCA leaders and getting them involved now is definitely a priority.  Please pray for myself, Erin, our teacher sponsor, and our student leadership team as we work with the middle school students.  Often they don’t talk and respond like the high school students do, so it’s harder to know if you are reaching them.  Pray that God would give us the words to wisdom needed to reach these students!


This morning’s FCA Huddle at Lee County Middle School went amazing.  31 middle school students attended and this was by far the largest group we have ever had at the middle school.  It’s easy to see where God is already working at LCMS and we ask you to keep praying for these students that they will come and bring friends and that we will see more students grow Relentless in their personal walk with Christ and Relentless in sharing Him with others!


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