back to coaching…

Bowling high qualityYesterday, I returned to the world of coaching.  This year I am not going to be coaching middle school basketball, but am back to being an assistant coach on our high school bowling team.  I am really thankful for the opportunity be working with the students again, not because I have that much bowling knowledge to impart, we all know that’s not the case.  However, it does give me another opportunity to maybe help mentor some of our students, build relationships, and be able to share the love of Christ with them.  Our bowling team is made up of middle school through high school students from all walks of life that are going through all different issues and circumstances in life.  Hopefully, I can help them with their bowling, but more than anything I feel God has me there for bigger purpose.  With our bowling team using our Rec Center ministry for their home lanes and this coaching opportunity again this year I know God has big plans.  Please pray for our students and all the issues they are facing.  Pray that God will use me to share the love of Christ with our students and to have a strong testimony to them.  Pray that LCHS Bowling will be something that truly glorifies God!


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