am I being pushed out the door???

my curly headed conversationalist..."Bye!!"

my curly headed conversationalist…”Bye!!”

When your kids start talking it’s always cute to hear those first few words.  Momma and Dadda were some of the first words our kids spoke and it of course made our heart melt.   Maeven has become quite the little conversationalist always using bigger words than we knew she had in her vocabulary.  Judah is just now starting to get in a groove of expanding his vocabulary.  He has the yes and the no down pretty good.  Erin and I both have even been blessed to hear the words Love you from our curly haired munchkin.  Judah’s two favorite words though come from his time talking on imaginary and real phones, he loves both Hi and Bye.  When he says them, you can see him smile and even hear his cute little accent.

The problem though has become, his love of the word Bye.  Anytime I sit down to put on or take off my shoes, Judah comes running and says, Bye!”  I may not be going any where, but he is smiling saying it over and over like alright Daddy, time to go.  I am usually respond, with a saying, “I’m not leaving!” and proceeding to pick him up and give him some belly raspberries, which bring giggles and squeals.  I just have to get my boy working on more excitedly saying Hi! and not Bye!


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