thankful for lunch…

IMG_2326Yesterday was a very busy day at the Rec Center with two leagues and outreaches going on and lots of prep work for the upcoming week.  To be honest my kids looked like blurs as I rushed out the door to get started on everything Monday morning.  At lunch time, though I was blessed when the two cutest kiddos ever came bursting through the Rec Center door.  Maeven saw me, smiled really big and came IMG_2325running yelling, “that’s my daddy!”  Judah came screaming with the delight and toddling along after her.  I made hot dogs for them to enjoy along with their personal favorite Doritos.  Maeven kept running after me everywhere saying, “I follow you daddy!”  Both kids gave me big hugs and kisses before they had to head home with Momma for their afternoon naps.  I even got some loud, “Bye Daddy!” from them.  In the midst of chaos and busyness, I was once again reminded of how blessed I am with something as simple as lunch with the kids!


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