updating pains…

computer frustrationYesterday was the big iOS7 release date.  All around the world people were waiting to download the newest iOS for their iPhones and iPads.  I was among the many ready to upgrade, but as usual when it comes to updating things it took me a bit longer than most people.

Living rurally we are still waiting on high speed cable or dsl internet to come our way.  The good news is that for the past couple of months the AT&T trucks have been all around working hard to hopefully have that blessed high speed internet up and running by the end of the year.  The bad news, is that it is not up yet and thus I am still stuck with the slowest satellite service known to mankind….Hughesnet.

When 1pm came on Wednesday, I started seeing right away that my friends were upgrading and already bragging about the new software.  Their I sat trying to get my phone to stop saying there was an error with my internet connection.  Three hours and several attempts later my upgrade was complete.  At home we tried to upgrade our other devices and it literally took all night to get it done.  Slow does not begin to even describe how poor our internet is here.

That being said, this post really isn’t about about my upgrading to iOS7.  Although, my upgrades many hours later are complete and so far I am really enjoying them.  No, this post is really about a prayer request.  Please pray that we will get high speed internet here soon.  It will help us tremendously with not only our ministry websites and personal use, but also an influx of business at the Rec Center.  We are constantly asked by visiting hikers, climbers, and other tourists if we have a wifi hot spot that they can use.  When informed that we don’t the often leave.  Having wifi here would enable us to draw in much more business to help us with our major financial needs.  People will stay longer and eat more, it works out great.  So, please join me and praying that high speed internet gets here soon!

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