wanting to become a morning person…but don’t know how…

wake upI have battle that I have been fighting for many years in my life.  It’s the fact that I am just not a morning person.  It’s tough for me to get moving and get much done in the early hours of the day.  Don’t get me wrong, when I have to be somewhere, or really have to get going I manage.  I may not be happy or at my peak, but I get things done.  That being said on days where there is a little more time to squeeze for sleep, I just struggle to get moving.

Part of the problem, is that it takes me forever to wind down at the end of the day.  Even when I turn off the television and head to bed at a decent time, I often end up laying their processing all the events of the previous day.  I’ve tried tv and reading to put me to sleep, and event lots of time in prayer, but more often than not, I lay there.  Then the problem runs into the morning when I want to just sleep.

I see the value of getting up and being an early riser.  There could easily be more family time, time for exercise and even more time in the Word and prayer.   I just have to get going…

So how about you?  Any secrets that you could share on becoming a morning person?  On being a productive person during the first part of the day?  Any suggestions are much appreciated!


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