the big girl bed…

Maevens BedAbout a year ago, Erin and I gave up our bedroom and moved into my man cave so that both of our kids could have their own bedroom.  I lost my man cave, but we both gained better sleep as our kids were no longer keeping each other awake.  Our bedroom had been painted in a neutral desert sand color and lacked in little girl pizzaz.  So for Maeven’s 3rd birthday, we have been changing her room into a “princess” room.

The first step was last Saturday, Erin and her parents painted her room in a light pink, which thrilled Maeven who had to touch the walls and twirl as soon as they dried.  She has been thrilled to tell everyone about her new pink bedroom.

The next step of putting Maeven’s room together is that last night Erin and I set up her new big girl bed.  We went from a 30 year old day bed, to a new well priced Ikea princess bed.  After dealing with some good old swedish allen wrenches for an hour, I had the bed set up and then Erin made it up for our little princess.  My parents had taken Maeven earlier in the evening to keep busy so that we could surprise her.  When Grammie brought Maeven home, I picked her up and covered her eyes as we all took her to her room for the big reveal.  As I moved my hands so that she could see the bed, Maeven’s jaw dropped and a big smile appeared on her face.  She jumped out of my arms and on to her bed smiling and laughing the whole time.  Even Judah had to climb up and enjoy the new bed too.

So now my big girl has her big girl bed.  I just hope she doesn’t fall out!


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