fed by podcasts…

podcastsI didn’t realize it at the time, but when I went to Moody Bible Institute for college I was pretty spoiled spiritually.  Between the amazing professors, our president, top pastors and ministers that were brought in, and some pretty amazing churches in the Chicago area I was able to sit under some world class Bible teaching.  Don’t get me wrong, I loved and tried to soak in this teaching as much as I could, but little did I know how much I would long to be fed again in such a deep way spiritually.

Living rurally and being in full time missions, most of the time in a ministry setting, I find myself more often than not helping or leading rather than sitting under teaching.  I try to be a self feeder as much as possible with devotions and reading, but sometimes I still desire more.  Over the past few months though, thanks to technology, I have found a solution that has really brought some much needed spiritual nourishment and refreshment into my life….the podcast.

Whether it be listening to my iPod on a walk or sitting outside with the dogs at night, or even listening in my truck on my way to and from the Rec Center, just hearing sermons from some of my favorite pastors and teachers has been a huge blessing.  I’ve enjoyed hearing speakers from all over the world teach about Christ.  Currently, I have been going through a series on being salt and light by Andy Stanley.  It’s been awesome to see how God has been using what I have been learning through this podcast to line up perfectly with what I am currently teaching our teen Sunday School class on Sunday mornings.  Being able to transfer what I am learning or being retaught to our students has been so great.  I’ve also just really enjoyed being challenged to look closer at my life and see what areas I really need to grow more in my walk with Christ.

Whether you live rurally, are involved in full time ministry, or just want to add something to your life to help you grow spiritually I challenge you to get online and find podcasts of some of your favorite churches, teachers, and pastors.  I guarantee you will be challenged and blessed.


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