human trampoline…

Blue Man Jumping on a Trampoline Clipart IllustrationIt’s official, I have become a human trampoline.  No longer can I relax my back after a long day at work by stretching out on the floor.   When I kneel down as soon as soon as one knee hits the floor I can hear them moving in.  The pitter patter of toddler feet creeping towards me.  The second knee hit the floor and they move even closer.  As I stretch out to relax they are already airborne.  Before I know it they are landing on me giggling and squealing with delight.  Both my children are thoroughly enjoying jumping up and down on daddy.  For the most part I am glad that my kids are having fun, but every so often their playful pounces on the daddy trampoline can hurt quite a bit.  No matter how painful though, I wouldn’t trade quality time with those adorable rug rats for being less of a trampoline…


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