back with the fam…

IMG_2416This past week I was blessed with the opportunity to attend Moody Bible Institute’s annual missions conference.  I was able to teach a couple of seminars are various missions related topics and then also help my parents give a presentation on the various ministries of Kentucky Mountain Mission.  It was great to share with students, try to recruit them for full-time and summer staff positions, and just to catch up with old friends.  The only hard part of the week, (other than not sleeping much), was being away from my family for so long.  

Thankfully, I didn’t have to settle for just a couple of quick telephone calls.  Through the wonders of technology I was able to use FaceTime to catch up with Erin and the kids each day.  Judah didn’t quite know what to think of seeing his his daddy on the phone or iPad.  Maeven on the other hand was a totally into it.  She would get her face as close to the camera as she could so that I would be able to see her as she told me all about her day and how I needed to bring her back “Piglet” from the “Mickey Store” in Chicago.  It was also wonderful to be able to see my beautiful wife Erin and catching up with her.  While being away from family is tough, it’s also a great reminder of how many blessings God has given me.

I finally made it back to my in-laws, where my family was staying, on Friday night.  Being able to see the smiles on those little faces and give Erin a big hug and kiss was great.  I am pretty sure Judah has bee catching me up on all of his busy week, although I am not totally sure what he is saying in his little gibberish language.  Maeven has loved her “Piglet” and Erin is glad to have me back too.  I am truly thankful for the opportunity to go back to MBI, but to be honest I can’t wait till the kids are a bit older and I can take them with me!


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