my princess and my superhero…

LIMG_1610ast night we took our kids to the Bear Track Bible Church annual Harvest Party Outreach.  The church hosts the outreach where kids can where their Halloween costumes, play games, get candy and prizes, but most importantly they hear a devotional.  Many kids from the community that don’t even attend the church come out with their families and it’s a great opportunity to share the Gospel.  Maeven and Judah went as Cinderella and Superman respectively.  Both had a blast playing the games and seeing all the other IMG_1619costumes.  I was very impressed with Maeven’s throwing ability as she consistently was able to throw balls direct into cups with great precision.  Judah on the other hand was more interested in going straight for the candy rather than playing games.  He did however enjoy running and spinning in circles so that he could see his cape fly out.  As a dad watching my kids have so much fun was special and again just a great reminder of how blessed I am to have my children and how much I truly love those kiddos!


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