getting rested up and needing prayer…

Fall_Lock_In_FlyerThis week is a big one for us, as we are getting ready for our annual fall teen lock-in outreach at the Rec Center.  This coming Friday night from 10 pm to 6 am on Saturday morning.  In the past we have had between 150 to 250 7th-12th graders attend.  The students will get a fun night of games, bowling, cosmic bowling, food, fun and much more.  Our main reason for the outreach is that about half way through the night we have a guest speaker who will share Jesus with our students.  Between the speaker and our staff mingling with students throughout the night we hope that many will give their lives to Christ.  Please be in prayer this week that all our staff will get much needed rest before the lock-in, pray that we will have enough adult volunteers to help chaperone our students, and most of all pray that God will begin working in the lives of our students even now and that their hearts will be soft and open to the Gospel during this outreach.  I can’t wait to see what God is going to do and appreciate your prayers, and if you so choose, help chaperoniing!




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