November 2013 FCA Huddles Update…

Relentless_rgbThis morning as many of you are reading this, I will be heading up to our local high school for our weekly Fellowship of Christian Athletes Huddle.  God has truly been blessing our huddles at the high and middle schools this year as we have seen not only the numbers of students attending increase, but also growth in the lives our students.  On a couple of occasions already this year students from our leadership team have stepped up and led huddles for us, both sharing their testimonies and introducing videos of athletes sharing about the difference that God has made in their lives.

Erin and I are very excited to be taking 19 students with us to FCA’s Weekend of Champions in a couple of weeks at the Lexington Christian Academy.   This is an event for FCA students throughout the state to come to and be able to fellowship with other students and also be challenged by the speakers to grow in their faith.  This year the two main speakers are former University of Kentucky basketball players and our students are really excited to hear what God would have them share.  This is by far the largest group of students we have ever taken to this event and we are praying that God would use this day to challenge them and cause many to commit full to a relationship with Christ!

I know many of you who read this blog pray faithfully for our students and I would ask you to continue doing so.  We meet every Tuesday morning in our high school and every Thursday morning in the middle school.  We also have an after school Bible study program on Thursday afternoons and club days on the last Friday of every month.  Please keep praying and especially do so if you remember us during these times we meet.  God is doing great things in our students and using them to impact their schools.  Thank you for being  faithful prayer partners in this exciting ministry!


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