exhaustion, sick kiddos, and fun times…

Well, another lock-in outreach at the Rec Center has came and went.  We were blessed to have over 137 teens attend and hear the Gospel presented.  Throughout the night I had the privilege of getting to know and talk to many of the students.  I know that God was really working in the hearts of many of the students and ask that you keep praying for them.  We are praying that the seeds planted Friday night will lead to decisions to follow Christ.

I have also rediscovered that fact that I am getting older and while I managed to stay up all night and enjoy this outreach, the recouping time is taking longer than it used to.  To be honest at the moment I feel like a living zombie.  Please pray that I will bounce back soon for a busy upcoming week!

This weekend we have also been battling sinus infections with our kiddos.  Maeven was running a 103 degree temperature on Friday night and so on Saturday, Erin took her to the pediatrician on Saturday morning where the infection was confirmed and some meds were given.  The good news is that the meds worked great on Saturday night keeping her temperature down and getting her through the night.  Unfortunately, on Sunday morning she woke up to a 101 degree temperature and was a hot mess most of the day.  Hopefully she will start feeling better soon.

All this to say, it has been a good, but eventful weekend.  Now praying for energy to survive the upcoming week!


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