weekend of champions 2013 recap…

FCA students in their Huddle group Bible study at Weekend of Champions

FCA students in their Huddle group Bible study at Weekend of Champions

Early this past Saturday morning we loaded up 19 high and middle school students and headed to the Lexington Christian Academy for FCA’s annual Weekend of Champions!  Over the past four years we have taken groups to this event before, but this was by far the biggest group that we have ever taken and had many young students who had never attended any sort of large outreach like this.  So, with all that we knew no matter what we were in for a very exciting day!

Our day kicked off with a great time of worship and then a very challenging message from former University of Kentucky Basketball player Cameron Mills.  During the afternoon they played a variety of competitions and for the first time in four years of competing our students actually won one of the events!  After the competitions our students were broke up into middle and high school huddles where  they had a college age huddle leader who did a small group Bible study with them.  It was great to watch our students interacting and talking about their relationships with Christ.

Late in the afternoon the students were able to attend various buzz groups where they could choose from a variety of seminars that would interest them.  Several students attended a seminars on how to share their faith and how to have faith stronger than circumstances.  I was very excited to hear several of our older students talk about how they attended more challenging seminars to help them grow in their relationship with Christ.

The evening closed with another time of worship and a message from another former University of Kentucky basketball player, Jeff Sheppard.  Jeff challenged the students to grow in the their faith and boldness for Christ with a message on the armor of God.  As the evening closed students were huddling up praying together and many students went forward to make decisions for Christ.  Watching many of our students praying together and passionately praising God together was a huge blessing to Erin and I.

This week as our student take what they were learned and challenged with back into their schools please be praying for them.  Pray that they will continue to grow in their walk with Christ and that they would be bold for Him.  God is doing great things in their lives right now and we are so excited to be a part of it!


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