my nurse…

getting a shot from my nurse...

getting a shot from my nurse…

Over the weekend I managed to catch some sort of a bug that’s going around and to be honest have been physically feeling pretty miserable.  On Monday night I came home from work still feeling pretty rough.  After doing a few chores I sat down in my chair to just decompress and rest for a bit.  I was feeling pretty cruddy, when in came the cutest nurse ever and began to give me a check up.  Maeven climbed up next to me and opened up her little doctor kit and began to check out all my symptoms.   I am not sure that I ever received a diagnosis, but I got my ears checked, blood pressure checked, reflexes checked, and my heart beat checked.  It was a little scary that she enjoyed giving me multiple shots though.  I would cry out like I was really hurting me and she would smile big and kiss my arm.  She tried giving me one of her toy bandaids, but informed me my was too big.  By the time my check up was over I had a few more bumps and bruises, but my spirits were definitely higher.  Thank goodness for my sweet nurse Maeven!


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