don’t worry baby…

IMG_2459What’s quickly becoming a fun tradition with me and my daughter is driving in my truck and singing songs with her.  We sing everything from her Sunday School songs and Veggie Tales songs to various tracks on my iPod.  What’s most amazing to me is that Maeven, has developed a great memory.  Last night as we were traveling to and from church, Maeven kept telling me, “Daddy!  Play Worry Baby!”  I finally figured out that she wanted me to play Don’t Worry Baby by the Beach Boys.  What’s most amazing about this request were the words that Maeven next spoke, as she said, “Play Worry Baby for me Daddy!  It’s my song that you sang for me when I was a baby!”  I was totally blown away that she would remember something.  Often when Maeven was an infant on up when she would cry in the night I would slip into her room and rock Maeven and sing to her.  I always sing a variety of songs to my kids, but to my baby girl I always sing the chorus of Don’t Worry Baby.  So I was really astounded that she would remember this.  But, she did remember and as a result in the past 24 hrs I have listened to Don’t Worry Baby almost 30 times.  Gotta love her!


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