the pooh crew…

Judah and Pooh...

Judah and Pooh…

Judah has become an obsessed little boy.  The boy loves all things Winnie the Pooh.  You mention the word Pooh and he runs to the television to see if that little yellow bear is on.  The obsession really got going when Judah received his Pooh Bear stuffed animal.  From there he commandeered his sister’s Piglet, added Eeyore, and found a Kanga knock off kangaroo.  All of these and a stuffed duck named Quack Quack have now become essentials to sleeping at night.  The whole Pooh Crew, as  Erin and I like to call them, must be in his bed at all times that Judah is in it.  When you go to get him out of bed in the morning, usually all the Pooh Crew is sitting up and Judah is addressing them in his own language. When you try to pick Judah up out of his bed, he literally has to grab all five stuffed animals into his arms and take them out with him, just in case he needs them later in the day.  It’s quite the task to lift them all up.  Yes our sweet little boy has a problem, but when your that cute who cares!


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