noises in the night…

As a parent you are always on alert in the night for any noises that could mean problems for your family.  Sometimes your imagination is playing tricks on you and you get all antsy.  Other times there are those noises that jolt you from your sleep.  On early Sunday morning I heard the sound of a thump, or so I thought, but sort of decided to ignore it.  Shortly after I heard the ear piercing cries of my daughter yelling out for us.  I hopped out of bed in a sleepy stupor and got to her room as quickly as I could, only to find her standing in the middle of her room, clutching her doll, and crying hysterically.  I picked her up and she gave me the biggest hug and cried into my shoulder.  Through the tears she told me that she had fallen out of bed and was really scared.  For the next hour or so I stayed with her praying for her and rocking her back to sleep.  Seeing her so distraught was really upsetting for me too, and I wanted to make sure she was totally relaxed and asleep before I left her so that she wouldn’t be frightened any more.  This was the first time that Maeven has ever fallen from her bed, but it was scary for me to see her so worked up and upset.  At the same time, there is nothing like being a dad and knowing that you can help take away your child’s fear.  I love my little girl…


One thought on “noises in the night…

  1. Awesome to hear Andy. I am hoping to bring my family down when the roads clear up. I need to be down at camp. I really look forward to seeing the rec center and hearing how ministry is going down there.

    My fam and I will keep u and yours in prayer.

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