I need more snow…

Snowman snow fortThis morning I awoke bright and early to a text informing me that it had snowed over night and that there was no school in Lee County.  When I pulled myself out of bed to look outside there was less than an inch of that white powdery stuff on the ground.  While that meant that I could sleep in a bit longer today, I found myself saddened that there was not more snow.  You see my daughter just turned 3 a couple of months ago and in the first 3 years of her life we have not had one good snow at our house, where I could take her and her brother sledding for the first time. They have never known the thrill of flying down a hill on a sled at full speed and bailing before you hit the road, a fence, or even sled into a pond.  They have never attempted to build a snow man so huge that you find you can’t lift the sections of snow balls up on top of one another because they are too heavy.  This is sad to me.  So many of my childhood winter memories revolved around those huge snows where we spent all day getting froze to the point that only hot chocolate and a fire would warm us up.  So this year I am praying that I would be able to introduce my kids to one really good and really big snow.  I am not greedy wanting lots and lots of snow, but just one or two days were we have to stay home and sled, make snowmen, make snow cream, and drink some hot chocolate together.  I don’t think that’s too much to wish for…


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