not sure about the guy in the red suit…

IMG_2521This past Saturday at the Rec Center we held our first ever pancake breakfast with Santa.  It was a fun event to bring in people to the Rec Center and I had the opportunity to share the true Christmas story with all who came out.  My two kids Maeven and Judah came out for breakfast and to get their pictures made with Santa.

For the past three years we have tried Santa pictures and for the most part Maeven has been terrified.  Usually there are tears and that hurt little face that says, “Don’t do this to me Dad!”  Last year Judah did alright as an infant meeting Santa for the first time.  So this year, we really expected more of the same, Judah playing it cool and Maeven freaking out.  However, we were surprised to find the roles had changed.

Erin and my sister Amanda walked Judah up to Santa and tried to place him on Santa’s lap, but his eyes grew big and back arched in protest.  The next thing you now he was crying and letting us know that there was no way the picture was going to take place.  Maeven on the other hand actually got her picture taken and sat on Santa’s lap twice!  Unlike most of the other kids who ran up to Santa right away, my girl approached very slowly and cautiously.  There was no overjoyed excitement, just quiet awe.  We told her to tell Santa what she wanted for Christmas, and she quietly whispered about something for a princess.  Before the kids went home Maeven once again slowly approached and wanted to talk to Santa again.  In the same slow cautious voice she once again talked to  Santa and as you can see from the picture above was still very unsure.

While, Erin and I don’t encourage belief in Santa, we do make sure we tell her the true meaning of Christmas by sharing about Jesus’ birth and why He came to earth.  At the same time, we love how excited our kids get at Christmas, especially a this time in their lives where everything is new and exciting and we aren’t constantly hearing about what they “want.”  So, even though they don’t believe in Santa, seeing them curious and wide eyed is still a very special moment to cherish.


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