Maeven’s 1st Movie…

Maeven enjoying her movie meal...

Maeven enjoying her movie meal…

On Saturday, my wife and I decided to be brave and take our 3 year old daughter, Maeven, to her first movie in a theater.  We had told her awhile back that we might go see the new Disney movie “Frozen” and she was thrilled about it.  The night before we went to see it she kept telling everyone that she was going to see “Fozen!”  When we went to the movie, it went great, Maeven was so sweet and excited to be sitting in her own big seat eating her kids movie meal (popcorn, small drink, and gummie bears).  I would smile at Erin as Maeven would bop her head to the movie’s music.  The movie was great and very kid friendly.  Towards the end of it she started getting a little restless, but couldn’t wait to tell her Meme and Pop all about it when she got to their house.  What can I say, I love that little toot and look forward to many more movie dates with my daughter!


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