why is she growing up???

IMG_2532Over the past few days I have spent many hours at home with my family as we have been battling some sort of flu virus and trying to get better to get back into the world.  During this time at home, I have enjoyed getting to spend a bit more time with my kiddos, reading to them, playing games, watching movies, and just enjoying their company.  Last night my wife and I were talking and there is a sad truth that has set in, my baby girl Maeven is no longer a toddler but a little girl.  Maeven is having full length conversations with me and playing pretend.  She tells me all about her day, her friends that she is going to go see, and even discusses her favorite colors with me.  Gone is my little toddler who could barely walk, but now is a fast growing skinny little girl who loves to be a social butterfly.  Hopefully, this stage won’t go so fast!!!


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